Thursday, 17 March 2011

Learn to share

"If your child has a toy he really loves and might be possessive about, and he has a friend coming over, put the toy away before the playmate arrives so they can't fight over it." – Heather

This useful tip I got it from my favourite website, Babycenter. ( Is it true?It is true sometimes...tambah2 anakanda soleh sorang ni. Memang suka rebut toys. Dia nak main apa yang orang lain main. Toys yang ada kat tangan dia, dia tak kisah pun. Yang seronoknya..bila tengok toys orang lain (kawan2 dia). Alahai anak soleh mama!

So, to avoid this happen (gaduh2)..simpan toys tu sebelum kawan-kawan dia datang. Usually, papa dia suka keluarkan toys dia untuk kawan2 dia main sama2...belajar bersosial. But then, anak soleh mama ni suka merebut toys orang lain..tak nak beralah. Maybe it was because he has no brothers or sisters. He always to be not to share things with others. Solely belongs to him..huhu.

Muhammad Farhi is now in the process of learning how to share things with others. Sometimes, papa dia cakap, "Muhd..papa nak pinjam jap toys tu"...kena cakap lembut2. Barulah dia bagi pinjam. Actually, we need to communicate with our children nicely.. sincerely..give a good reaction & expression..hope it'll help..

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