Sunday, 20 March 2011

Back to school

After a week of school holidays, I started to set up my new mood..mode of teaching..hahaha. Woke up early this morning..I felt unpleasant as I was not ready for school. I was still sleepy. During school holidays, I usually had a short nap after Subuh prayer. Masya Allah..cheer up teacher!..Let's enjoy teaching!.. I was trying to motivate myself..huhu.

Alhamdulillah..thank you Allah for cheering me up and makes my day happy..full of joy..perhaps. I love teaching so much!..I always wanted to be a good educator. I always wanted to be the best teacher ever, Insya Allah..please pray for me. But sometimes, if your mood is not there, it's actually normal. As a human being, as the khalifah fil ardh..we are being tested by our Khaliq how far our iman do we manage our life as a Muslim. It goes up and down. So, lets refresh our iman..refresh it by reading quran, perform solah sunat, recite du'a..wholeheartedly..Insya Allah..May Allah bless our heart with His Sakeenah..Ameen!

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