Monday, 21 March 2011

I need a baking class

I really need a baking class..especially in decorating cakes using fondant and buttercream. I started to love baking as I've done several cakes and cupcakes during the school holidays. Oh Allah, I sincerely love baking. I believe I can go further in this field...but for sure I need more practice and practice.

Most of the time, I usually learn baking from youtube. It helps me a lot...especially when decorating my lovely cupcakes. I love baking cupcakes. It releases my gives me a happy mood and smiley face..hahaha..('',). My next mission is baking cheese cake and wedding cake...hope to decorate a 2 tier cake for wedding..huhuhu..aim high!! never give up..and never loose hope..Insya Allah..pray hard.


  1. Salam k Wan,

    very nice Blog you have... hope you'll add the Follower link coz I'd love to follow your blog :)
    Believe in yourself coz you are talented indeed! Love your decorations! I'm praying for your success... who knows, maybe one day you'll have your own bakery, insya Allah....

  2. Salam Najdah,
    Hehehe..tq Najdah.kak wan masih terkial2.tq 4 supporting me.Insya Allah, kak wan letakkan gadget follower tu.

  3. yeay! I'm the 1st to follow your blog (^^)

    All the best!

  4. Hahahaa..tq.xreti nak guna benda alah ni..duk explore lg.